Online Video Converter

All of us would be looking out for various platforms for various stunning outputs. But with the conversion tools provide at web, the best video conversion online is assured, along with best quality of video resolution according to users’ requirement, video controls and many more.

Various operating systems are also supported by this web applications, the O.S that are supported by converterstream for online video converter are Mac OS & Windows. Along with these exciting features provides an extra feature of displaying the edited video before conversion i.e., a sample video can be viewed actually before the conversion takes place. By this feature a perfect and effective result can be viewed at the end of task.

Steps to online video converter

As mentioned earlier video trimming, size adjustments, video watermark addition and effects can be done with best quality and resolution absolutely 100% free of cost and at a great pace. Now let us look into the steps that are involved in the conversion process of total video converter online, which are mentioned below;

  1. Initially click on ‘Choose file’ tab in order to select the required file from the device, which needs conversion. (Note – Dropdown option can also be opted for the file upload)
  2. Now, its time select the targeted video file. Size and resolution of video can also be selected at this point. (Note – The video files can be in the formats of VOB, MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, WEBM, MOV, RM, GIF, M2TS etc.)
  3. Finally, click on ‘convert file’. It is just going to few seconds to few minutes for the conversion of file to take place. Lastly the video is ready to download for which is going to appear as per users imagination.

Advantageous features of online video converter

Overall supporter of formats is a web- browser that supports almost all the formats for conversion on this platform. The wide variety of tool supporter of audio, video and images which are MP3, video converter to MP4, FLAC, MOV, WAV, M4A, OGG along with many other formats.

No limit on input file size

Many large files inputs up to 20GB have been tested on this particular web browser. So by this we can say that there is no set limit of the size of file as input to perform the task.

Most secured and safe platform

Once the conversion is done, the converted file is immediately deleted once the working comes to an end in conversion. Great confidentiality is maintained as the data is immediately deleted, by this we can say is the best browser that is a safe and secured for format conversions.

Batch process working is efficient

In case there a number of videos that need conversion, the option of batch input provided at our web-browser will help is conversion processing all at once

Free downloader and user friendly

Web- browser provides free conversion tools to the user. One does not need to buy or download any software for the conversion process to take place; more over it is free of cost. The tools for conversion are built by keeping in the mind the users requirements; by this we can say this is user friendly tool.

Registration free browser

No registration is required in order to use the tools for conversion from format to another.

One needs to understand that the video usually comprises of container format which includes of video data which a video coding format along with audio data in audio coding format. Additionally this format also possesses synchronization info, metadata, subtitles and many more. All together one can use the basic and primary online video conversion tool apart from the above mentioned tools for basic use. This is 100% free video converter tool and is the fast video converter of all times.

Hope this article will help you to understand better on what is an online video format converter in all factors. Any video converter is free of cost at